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Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC)

Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC) is created to carry on a certain vision that emanated from Dr. Ir. Ciputra (the Chairman of Ciputra Group).



"Entrepreneurship for the holistic and integrated improvement of the quality of life and the betterment of humanity with global impact."



To improve life through creating and sustaining economic growth via entrepreneurial economy. University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center is a vehicle to achieve such grand vision and to accomplish the noble mission by aiming at the worldwide spread of the idea of entrepreneurship and of the entrepreneurial spirit.



  • Making everlasting positive contribution to the world economy.
  • The provision of a crucial solution to abolish poverty at all level through entrepreneurship
  • the provision of a crucial solution to abolish poverty at all level through entrepreneurship.
  • Spread the entrepreneurship education worldwide
  • Provide simple and basic entrepreneurship education for the poorest of the poor in order to equip them with entrepreneurial traits and skills so they may survive and break free from their poverty

The Educational Process

The educational process are planned according to the learning model we call Entrepreneurship-Based Learning Ciputra Way. What makes this Entrepreneurship-Based Learning (EBL) unique is the integration and employment of five different emphases:

  1. Creative Critical Imagination
  2. Entrepreneurial Real-Life Experience
  3. Educative Disequilibrium Conditioning
  4. Coaching and Mentoring with Collaboration and Competition
  5. Community Impact and Involvement

At the heart of this learning model is the Creative Critical Imagination. This first emphasis seeks to integrate both the right and the left hemispheres. Both the creative and critical sides are to be stimulated and trained accordingly. Moreover, imagination is being employed here so learners can relate, construct, create, and thus learn in a critical and creative way.

The second emphasis is on the use of Entrepreneurial Real-Life Experience. Theories alone are not sufficient to help wannabe entrepreneurs learn. They also need to taste the real entrepreneurial life in order to really understand entrepreneurship.

Educative Disequilibrium Conditioning is crucial in the EBL. The program is designed and conditioned carefully to help learners truly learn through purposeful and meaningful disequilibrium. It is imperative that we avoid creating mis-educative experience as much as possible.

Coaching and Mentoring with Collaboration and Competition cannot be forgotten in our program. It is as important as the other three mentioned above. Coaching and mentoring are employed tactfully during the educational process. Coaching is a must in our program since we are letting learners learn through experience. Our trainers serve as the coach of the learners and provide guidance for them to achieve the stated goals. Since we are using a delicate process of disequilibrium, it is of great importance for us to provide mentorship to help learners go through the disequilibrium state and enter the re-equilibrium state in order to reach again equilibrium. Here, competition and collaboration are used as powerful educational instruments. Through collaboration and competition, learners are taught to learn to collaborate well and boost their excellence through meaningful competition.

Last but not least, Community Impact and Involvement is the guard for our program and also our learners to set their hearts and minds to contribute for the improvement of life and the betterment of humanity through their success.
All five emphases combined make up for the Entrepreneurship-Based Learning Ciputra Way. As faithful as we can be and as creative as we strive to be, we work together to make sure the educational process described above enjoyable, meaningful, and purposeful for all the learners and trainers alike. Our hope is that through our effort in the University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center, a better future can be ensured.